Merged point cloud view (for static objects)

When labeling a static object in 3D point cloud sequences, a single frame might not show the object in full detail. It can thus be difficult to assess the full dimensions of an object.
To solve this issue, you can toggle a merged point cloud view.
This video shows how you can use the merged point cloud view to draw a perfect cuboid around a static object.

Toggle the merged point cloud view

Click on the merged point cloud icon (
) in the right toolbar to toggle the merged point cloud view on/off.
The merged point cloud view is only available for 3D vector labeling (cuboids, polygons, polylines, keypoints).
Contact us if you are interested in the merged point cloud for 3D segmentation.
Tip: add an is_static track-level attribute to the categories that can be static (see Configure the label editor). When this attribute is checked, you can edit the position/dimensions/rotation of a cuboid in one frame, and these changes will be applied to all other frames automatically.
Tip: use your GPU in Chrome to make sure the 3D point cloud interface runs smoothly.