Customize label queue

You can customize the label queue by setting a sample priority and by assigning samples to a specific labeler or reviewer. An in-depth explanation of how the label queue order is determined is available in Label queue mechanics.

Set sample priority

The priority value of a sample determines its order in the label queue: samples with a higher priority value are labeled first. When a new sample is added to a dataset, its default priority is 0.
Note that you can also assign a negative priority to a sample.
To change the priority of a group of samples, select the samples you want to update and click the "Edit" button. In the pop-up window, fill in the desired priority value, and press "Update".

Set the priority programmatically

Assign a specific labeler or reviewer

By default, a sample is not assigned to a specific labeler or reviewer, meaning that the sample can be labeled or reviewed by anyone.
If you want to ensure that a specific sample is labeled or reviewed by a particular user, you can set the fields assigned_labeler and assigned_reviewer when creating the sample using the Python SDK.