Batch mode (for dynamic objects)

Batch mode is only available for 3D cuboid labeling.

Tip: use your GPU in Chrome to make sure the 3D point cloud interface runs smoothly.

When labeling or reviewing dynamic objects in 3D point cloud sequences, working object by object is usually the most efficient way to obtain precise annotations. However, this means navigating through the different frames in a sequence constantly. To make this process more efficient, we developed batch mode. Batch mode shows you an object in multiple frames at the same time. This way, you can easily choose where to make adjustments to label an object, and easily review an object by simply scrolling through the frames.

Toggle the batch mode

  1. Select the object you want to adjust/review.

You can also exit batch mode by pressing the hotkey (Escape by default).

Select a frame

Clicking somewhere in a frame to select the frame. If you want to select the previous or next frame, press the back or forward arrow, respectively.

Zoom in/out

  • Double-click a view to zoom in on that view.

  • Press the hotkey (Shift by default) + double-click a view to zoom out on that view.

Edit the object

Object editing works exactly in the same way as in the single frame interface, so you can still use your mouse or the hotkeys. See the following pages:

page3D point cloud cuboid interface

Remove the object

  1. Select the frame where you want to remove the object.

  2. Press the trash icon on the left of the frame.

Add the object to an empty frame

  1. Select the empty frame where you want to add the object.

  2. Press the plus icon on the left of the frame.

Use keyframes

Keyframes work in the same way as in the single frame interface, see Use keyframe interpolation. The only difference is that keyframes are now displayed directly next to the frame.

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