Search within a dataset

With the search bar, you can search for samples by their name, metadata attributes, and label content.
Search by metadata attributes and label content

Search syntax

To search by sample name, just type the full or partial name of a sample.
To search by metadata attribute, use the key:value syntax.
To search by number of objects of a category in a labelset, use the labelset.category:=value syntax, or labelset.total_count:=value to search by total number of objects.
To search by labeler and reviewer of a sample, use the labeled-by:username or reviewed-by:username syntax.
For string values, use the : operator. For numeric values, use the operators :=,:>, :>=, :< and :<= to search for values that are equal to, greater than, greater than or equal to, less than, and less than or equal to another value.
Queries can be combined by separating them with a space. They will be ANDed together.


image_grayscale matches samples with the word "image_grayscale" in their name.
city:london matches samples with a metadata attribute "city" set to "london".
vehicle_id:>3 matches samples with a metadata attribute "vehicle_id" set to a value larger than 3.>=5 matches samples where the "ground-truth" label contains 5 or more "car" objects.<5 matches samples where the "my-predictions" label contains less than 5 "car" objects.
my-predictions.total_count:<=20 matches samples where the "my-predictions" label contains 20 or fewer objects in total.
city:london>0 matches samples where metadata attribute "city" is set to "london" AND the "ground-truth" label contains more than 0 "car" objects AND the "my-predictions" label contains 0 "car" objects.
labeled-by:jane matches samples labeled by the user with username jane.