Add collaborators to a dataset

Go to Settings -> Collaborators to add collaborators to your dataset.


Collaborators can have one of 4 roles: labeler, reviewer, manager and administrator. Each role has a different set of permissions:


Label samples

Review samples

Manage samples and issues (view, add, update, delete)

Manage collaborators (add, update, delete)

Manage releases (view, add, delete)

Manage settings

Manage labelsets

Labelers and reviewers can only see the "Overview" tab of a dataset, where they can click the "Start labeling" and "Start reviewing" buttons depending on their role. Note that they cannot browse the samples on the Samples tab.

Managers and administrators can add collaborators to a dataset. Note that a manager cannot add a collaborator with an administrator role.

Adding collaborators programmatically

You can also add collaborators to a dataset using the Python SDK.

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