Clone a dataset

Clone an existing dataset

To copy the contents of a dataset to a new dataset (with possibly a different task type), you can make use of the clone functionality.

You can only clone public datasets and datasets in which you are an administrator.

  1. Open the dataset you want to clone.

  2. Press the clone button at the top right.

  3. Choose the desired task type of the cloned dataset.

  4. Press the Clone button. When the dataset is cloned, you will be redirected to the cloned dataset.

Clone an example dataset

To try out the different interfaces, a number of different example datasets are provided. These can be cloned into your personal account.

  1. Either go to your homepage or to any organization you are an administrator of

  2. Click on the dropdown next to 'New dataset' and select 'Clone an example dataset'

  3. Select a data type and a task type, and press the Clone button.

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